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    Do you run an eCommerce website? This is the perfect moment! Use it! Regardless of whether customers are eager to shop or you are struggling with a temporary drop in sales. The current situation in the world is not optimistic, however, it is a great opportunity for the eCommerce industry as the purchasing habits of consumers are changing.

    Unfortunately, bringing the user to your eCommerce website is only half the battle … it’s important that they check out, then come back and become a loyal customer of your eCommerce website. In this situation, the key to success is „special treatment”, i.e. personalization, but how to meet it, if you cannot see the customer face to face?

    There is an effective way to do it – Marketing Automation.

    What exactly is marketing automation?

    Marketing Automation, what is it?

    It is a method of automation that use appropriate software for repetitive marketing and sales activities. This means that many activities previously performed by humans can be replaced by robots. This saves a lot of time and avoids errors. Importantly, thanks to this solution, you can spend more time on creative work. With the help of Marketing Automation, the conducted marketing and sales activities will become more accurate, and the collected data about users will allow for automatic targeting of advertising content and effective segmentation of the target group.

    How can you apply Marketing Automation in your online store?

    • Creation of a personalized offer and segmentation – it has been known for a long time that the competition on the market is huge, and customers are becoming more and more product aware. Automated marketing allows you to track the behavior of users in the online store, showing their preferences and interests. Thanks to this, we will get to know their needs and even their lifestyle better. In the next step, we can distinguish specific user segments, which will affect the effective matching of the appropriate advertising message. For example, instead of using standard banners that everyone can see, you can use dynamic ad content tailored to a specific user.
    • Tailored e-mail – the traditional form of sending popular e-mails is moderately effective. Therefore, you should focus on Marketing Automation tools, which, thanks to the appropriate strategy and configuration, can adapt the advertisement to a specific user. The mailings created in this way contain engaging content, appropriate shipping time, respond to the user’s needs and effectively analyze their engagement. Remember! use autoresponders, e.g. after signing up for a newsletter. It is important to use dynamic content in automated mailing and to adjust products and services to the user’s needs, personalization using only the name in the title of the message is no longer enough. Adding a preheader is the next opportunity to introduce your customer to an offer and encourage them to open an email. It is important to create responsive e-mails, because a significant part of users read them on smartphones, and the number of mobile purchases is growing dynamically.
    • Indication of effective actions – thanks to automation, you can easily see which marketing activities generate the highest return on investment and are profitable. Remember to create basic reports, e.g. regarding sent mailing, or advanced reports, when you want to thoroughly analyze the traffic on the website. A properly integrated Marketing Automation system with your online store will present an accurate picture of the generated profits thanks to e.g. e-mail marketing activities.
    • Recovering an abandoned shopping cart – according to research by Baymard Institute, as much as 70% of shopping carts in online stores are abandoned, and moreover, all eCommerce websites struggle with this problem. However, thanks to Marketing Automation, we are able to keep the customer. A proven method is to send mailing reminding you about the products in the basket, which, thanks to personalized content, will support the decision-making process and guide you to finalize the transaction. Another often effective solution is information about an additional discount, which is active only for a certain period of time.
    • Increasing the value of the basket – it is worth focusing on cross – selling, i.e. maximizing the profits of your online store. Thanks to Marketing Automation solutions, you can offer products that are complementary to those added to the cart or similar products. Remember that too much choice often causes confusion and a problem with making decisions, so offer from 3 to 8 additional shopping proposals.

    Marketing Automation is a must have in eCommerce

    Nowadays, Marketing Automation in your online store is a must have that will allow you to bring e-business to the next level. The modern Internet user, i.e. your potential customer, values time and chooses products tailored to their own needs and interests. The conducted tests and research clearly show a positive impact on increasing sales thanks to, for example, the use of personalized mailing or the creation of dedicated offers and messages. Therefore, it is worth having this type of automation solutions in your e-business strategy.

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