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We create modern online stores on the Shopify platform . As leading Shopify Agency, we implement custom solutions based on Headless Commerce technology. We create and integrate payment, shipping and ERP modules. We optimize and advise in terms of SEO and Core Web Vitals. We are your trusted Shopify partner!

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What will you gain by implementing the Shopify store?

Online stores created by our team on the Shopify platform have a number of benefits for your brand:

  • Dedicated utility and graphic design,
  • Full implementation of the Shopify engine and supporting modules,
  • Headless Commerce architecture implementation,
  • Implementation of tools optimizing the functioning of the online store,
  • SEO optimization,
  • Progressive Web App implementation,
  • Development and integration of the platform with external systems.

Find out more about our projects

  • Your Kaya

    A unique bio-ecological cosmetics website for the Your Kaya brand. Modern eCommerce website on Shopify Plus technology.

    Services: Development and maitenance | Back-end Development | Headless commerce implementation | Shopify | Bugs-fixing and support

    Business: Cosmetics | DTC


  • Paul-Rich

    Paul Rich is the premier source for classic, expertly crafted watches made with integrity from cutting-edge materials.

    Services: eCommerce workshop | Back-end Development | Integration and optimization | Shopify plus | Development and maitenance

    Business: Fashion | DTC


  • Blue Giraffe

    A modern and unique Shopify store with products for children and babies. Beautyful Shopify shop.

    Services: DesignSprint | UX/UI Design | Headless commerce implementation | Back-end Development | Front-end Development

    Business: Toy production | DTC


Case Study

Custom Design and launching new Shopify store for a well known polish toy company. We used Dawn theme and customize it to reach customer expectations.

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Andy Teclaw

Head of Business Development


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What will our cooperation look like?

  1. 01

    Information analysis (brief)

    Analysis of information sent by the client.

    All work begins with sending the initial customer inquiry. It all depends on the accuracy of the description of the online store project sent to us. In the case of a imprecise description of the eCommerce website, our specialists will contact the client directly to specify the information necessary to prepare an estimated valuation. When all the key issues regarding the online store are well defined, our team will prepare an estimate pricing for the implementation of the website project.

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  2. 02

    eCommerce Workshops

    Design Thinking Workshops in eCommerce

    After accepting the initial project valuation, we proceed to workshop work. The original eCommerce workshop, which we run in accordance with the Design Thinking methodology, aims to thoroughly analyze both the client's needs and, above all, the target user. Using the methodology of workshop work, we prepare the basics of project work: qualitative research, target group analysis, competition benchmarking and the customer's path as part of the online store shopping experience. The information collected during the workshop enables the creation of an information architecture that includes key functionalities of the eCommerce website under design.

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  3. 03

    Design and prototyping

    Preparation of interactive mock-ups of the eCommerce

    The next step in the process of creating an eCommerce website is the preparation of UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) mockups. Interactive mockups of the online store are created based on key data resulting from the eCommerce workshop report and the information architecture prepared on their basis. Utility and graphic designs are made by our specialists in accordance with the CI (brand book) sent by the client or based on a dedicated color theme prepared by our team. Our graphic designers also provide branding services in eCommerce.

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  4. 04

    Headless Commerce implementation

    Technology implementation

    When deciding to choose an eCommerce engine, we make a decision based on the information collected during eCommerce workshops as well as designing and prototyping project mockups. The implementation of the online store takes place by setting up and configuring the eCommerce engine and programming the graphic template prepared at an earlier stage.

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  5. 05

    Optimization and integration

    The process of optimization and integration of the online store

    After implementing the online store design, the next important step is its full optimization and integration. Our team deals with the full optimization of the online store in accordance with the latest standards and guidelines regarding both usability and positioning (SEO). By introducing appropriate measures, it is possible to increase the operational efficiency of the Headless CMS website. The implemented online store also requires integration with payment modules and shipping , as well as with external modules. We integrate online stores with external platforms , as well as ERP systems.

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  6. 06

    Development and maintenance

    The process of developing and maintaining an online store

    The eCommerce website requires constant care and development. Once created online store is not the final product. The designed and implemented website requires maintenance, efficient and reliable server solutions, as well as ongoing updates, which we provide in the post-implementation agreement. In addition to maintenance, a functioning online store requires constant development and adaptation to the changing tastes and needs of customers. The eCommerce world is constantly evolving, so the systems we create must respond to the changing needs of users. Thanks to qualitative research combined with the analysis of quantitative data, we can draw conclusions as to the required changes and improvements in the area of ​​created eCommerce services.

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