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    An enterprise level eCommerce website requires other solutions from small or even medium e-commerce. What’s enough for online stores that run on one of Shopify’s three basic plans is no longer ideal for giants. However, they also use this Canadian SaaS platform. So we check what Shopify Plus is.

    Shopify Plus eCommerce platform for enterprise level customers

    Shopify is a SaaS-based platform that allows you to run an e-commerce store. Ease of use, versatility, many functions, and above all, no need to deal with software updates or security matters, make Shopify the choice of over a million entrepreneurs. The platform works in three basic packages, which we choose after a 14-day trial period. Charges? From $ 29 to $ 299. The choice depends on many issues – the type of e-commerce activity, the size of the assortment or plans for further development.

    Shopify Plus – a package for large business

    There is one more subscription package in the price list that an ecommerce provider can choose, i.e. Shopify Plus. However, it is not for everyone. At least because of the price, because although the costs are negotiated individually, the fees start from $ 2,000. A lot, but if we add that Shopify’s services are used by the biggest giants who develop their activities on the Internet, the amount alone ceases to make an impression.

    Most often, the stores that are in the process of tremendous growth or are planning further expansion decide to switch to the Shopify Plus package. Replacing the platform with a more efficient one and adapted to the needs of the largest enterprises sometimes takes more than 12 months. The applications covered by Shopify Plus allow you to migrate in much less time, typically less than three months.

    Shopify Plus Platform | The commerce software for fast-growing brands

    Shopify Plus – new markets at your fingertips

    The development of an e-commerce-based company is associated not only with the introduction of new products to the portfolio, but above all with the acquisition of new markets. With Shopify Plus, you can expand your business to nine more stores, and importantly, each of them can be launched in a different country.

    Shopify Plus allows you to offer payments in your local currency, and delivery of goods can be made by vendors in your area. It is also easy to set taxes applicable in a given market, and include all information required by law in the sales offer. Through Shopify Plus, you can also adjust advertising messages to suit the local specifics. The additional store does not have to be created for a new market. You can also create e-commerce separately for each brand, or a store that will allow you to test other marketing solutions.

    Shopify Plus – no more versatility

    In standard Shopify plans, many elements and features are the same between stores – other than backgrounds, colors, and typography. This is a good solution because it is tested and guarantees a very good conversion through, for example, a customer-friendly sales panel. It also guarantees stability by not being able to interfere with the process.

    In Shopify Plus, however, that changes. The seller can change, for example, the sales panel by adapting it to his needs. For example, you can add space for additional information, adjust the look to the brand’s visual strategy or simplify the ordering process.

    Shopify Plus – support every step of the way

    Of course, with Shopify’s basic packages, customers receive technical support and can count on efficient service. However, Shopify Plus customers are classified as enterprise stores, so cooperation with them is based on even stronger foundations.

    When paying for a Shopify Plus subscription, companies use, among others with help in designing and launching the store or in the process of migrating from another platform. Shopify Plus also means access to a huge knowledge base, but also customer carers facilitate its proper interpretation. The analytical and strategic help of Shopify professionals allows you to acquire customers even more effectively, manage stores in many markets, and thus increase conversion.

    What are the crucial pros and cons of the Shopify Plus platform

    Shopify Plus – wholesale for regular customers

    An e-commerce store cannot be limited to individual customers only. By running a business for many years, you can develop special rules of cooperation with regular customers who purchase goods in bulk. Shopify Plus allows you to run a special module and offer goods and prices adapted to regular and wholesale customers. The prices may therefore be different for individual clients and for large partners.

    Shopify Scripts – algorithms for your services

    Thanks to the Shopify Scripts feature, the seller can modify the offer in such a way as to automatically introduce promotions or other options that will ultimately increase the value of the cart.

    Another tool to ease the sales process is Shopify Flow. Thanks to it, you can automate many activities and thus facilitate sales on a mass scale. It is the seller, together with the customer manager, who selects the areas that are worth optimizing and handing over to automation, it may be, for example, early notification of impending warehouse shortages or warning of a potentially large order that should be handled quickly enough so as not to discourage the customer .

    Big promotion, seasonal sale, start of a new collection? If the marketing department decides that it is worth temporarily expiring the store to stimulate interest in the offer, the Launchpad option allows you to automatically turn off and on the store’s activity. This time will also allow for the adjustment of, for example, prices to the campaign.

    Shopify Plus – fast payments, lower taxes, and higher conversion

    According to Shopify, Shop Pay is expected to guarantee up to 18% more conversion, and speed up payments by 60%. However, this is not the end of the amenities, because thanks to tax automation and the use of the Avalar function, tax rates can be adjusted faster.

    Shopify Plus also introduces several solutions that take the business into the future, e.g. through built-in AR functions, video or 3D media on product pages. Thanks to these and other functions, you can save time by automating the sales process, easily manage not only stores, but also employee accounts, create campaigns and share discounts.

    What is the cost of Shopify Plus platform implementation

    Shopify Plus – invaluable support from professionals

    Shopify Plus subscription allows you to take advantage of a huge range of tools and solutions that can positively affect the development of e-commerce. Shopify provides a team of its specialists, but the costs are high and you have to take into account that they are not always as available as the domestic team of specialists who know Shopify Plus solutions inside out.

    Design workshops, UX / UI designer experience or a frond-end team are the basis for an online store to reach a higher level. It is difficult to imagine e-commerce without a PIM management system or the implementation of PWA web applications. By entrusting all of this to Shopify specialists, we must take into account the drastically rising costs.
    On the other hand, an external team of experienced specialists is able to help the customer with the settings, configuration and changes that Shopify introduces very often.

    But do you need something more? Professional advice from a UX / UI designer, support from a front-end team or PWA application? The BlueOwl team is at your disposal. Contact us for a free quote or consultation.

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