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A modern and unique Shopify store with products for children and babies. Beautyful Shopify shop.

Services: DesignSprint | UX/UI Design | Headless commerce implementation | Back-end Development | Front-end Development

Business: Toy production | DTC


Business needs

Ascato has decided to move from wholesale to DTC for the first time. 

  • Design of the entire process
  • Design of the entire design 
  • Coding of the shop in Shopify
  • Installation of plug-ins 
  • Necessary marketing integration
  • Integration with Baselinkier
  • Implementation support 
  • Support in shop development

This is a perfect example of a New Business case.

The main goal of the project

The goal of the project was to establish the company in the e-commerce market, which was a new venture for them. Previously, they were focused on B2B wholesale, and online sales through direct-to-consumer channels require a different approach. We worked to ensure they were well-prepared for this shift in values.


As this was a newly established online shop, they had no basic data on their competitors or potential customers. 

Therefore, the collaboration consisted of: 

  • Preparing the entire sales process
  • Preparation of initial marketing assumptions
  • Market and competition analysis
  • Preparation of ICP
  • Entire layout design based on UI/UX best practices 
  • Strong 2-way integration with Baselinker

Project description

The primary goal of the project was to establish Ascato's Blue Giraffe as a new eCommerce player in the market. The company had never ventured into DTC before, and the new business model was based on entirely different values. The key challenge for the project was to prepare the company for the transition and provide them with a competitive edge in the market.


To start the project, the design studio began with creating the entire process flow and mapping out the customer journey. The studio designed the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) for the online store, ensuring that the design was modern and unique. The design was created in close collaboration with the development team to ensure that the design was not only visually appealing but also effective.


The online store was coded using the Shopify platform. The design studio also installed the necessary plugins and integrated marketing tools into the eCommerce platform. The online store was integrated with Baselinker, an external tool for managing inventory, orders, and shipping.


One of the main challenges of the project was that Ascato had no data on its competition or potential customers. To tackle this, the team prepared a preliminary marketing strategy, analyzed the market and competition, and created an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).


Another key challenge was the integration with Baselinker, which required deep and advanced integration. The design studio implemented the dedicated eCommerce modules and optimized the usability and speed of the eCommerce platform. The hosting place was chosen to be flexible and scalable, ensuring that the platform could handle a high volume of traffic and transactions.

The ending result was a successful transformation for Ascato, which now has a modern and effective online store for its customers. The website offers a unique and visually appealing design, is easy to use, and is integrated with multiple payment gateways and shipping providers. The implementation of Baselinker also allowed for easy inventory management, order processing, and shipment tracking. The platform was built to be scalable and flexible, ensuring that it could handle the growing needs of the company. Overall, the collaboration between the design studio, development team, and client ensured a successful eCommerce transformation for Ascato's Blue Giraffe.


Key features of the Blue Giraffe online shop that have helped to deliver the expected business results include:

  • Dedicated graphic template;
  • integration with external payments;
  • optimisation of the usability and speed of the eCommerce platform;
  • choosing a flexible hosting place;
  • implementation of dedicated eCommerce modules.
  • Deep and advanced integration with Baselinker

The above activities enabled the implementation of a modern and effective eCommerce platform for the Ascato brand. Thanks to the functionalities introduced, a platform was created that converts makes money and has space to grow.

Used technologies

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