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Paul Rich is the premier source for classic, expertly crafted watches made with integrity from cutting-edge materials.

Services: eCommerce workshop | Back-end Development | Integration and optimization | Shopify plus | Development and maitenance

Business: Fashion | DTC


Business needs

Paul Rich decided to expand into the European market for which a separate site had to be developed. 

  • Adaptation of the process to the EU market
  • Design of fresh layout
  • Creation from scratch of so-called discount bundles
  • Installation of plug-ins 
  • Necessary marketing integration
  • Implementation of geo-location detection  
  • Error correction 
  • UI/UX improvements 

This is an ideal example of a Growth client.

The main goal of the project

The main objective of the project was to position the company in the European market. For this, we needed a few things such as locating customers by IP to offer them a suitable site. In addition, they decided to implement sales in self-calculating discount bundles, i.e. selling multiple items with an automatically calculated discount.


As this is a shop with a history and many adventures we also had many challenges such as:

  • Preparation of a new sales process
  • Processing the entire product structure to make it more manageable
  • Product loading performance optimization
  • Possibility of creating bundles
  • Constant problems in the code and operation of the shop
  • Implementation of a loyalty system 
  • IP Geo-localisation  
  • Synchronization with logistics applications 

Project description

The primary objective of the project was to position Paul Rich as a premier watch brand in the European market. The company required a website that could cater to European customers, accept multiple currencies, and integrate with various payment and shipping systems. The project's goals included designing a separate website, from scratch, implementing discount bundles, installing plugins, and integrating marketing channels. The company also required a geo-location feature to locate customers by IP and display an appropriate website.


The project faced several challenges, including preparing a new sales process, improving the entirely new product structure, reducing product loading times, creating bundles, implementing a loyalty system, user's country recognises system, and synchronizing with logistics applications. The team encountered code and operational issues, requiring constant monitoring and updates to ensure a seamless user experience.


To overcome the challenges, the team implemented various solutions, such as developing a dedicated system for customizing bundles, installing an IP geo-location feature, enhancing the website's code, and integrating logistics applications. The team also implemented a loyalty program, which allowed customers to earn points and redeem them for rewards. The delivery time prediction feature and speed optimization helped to enhance the user experience. The team used ShopifyPlus as the e-commerce platform, along with various plugins, such as Klaviyo, Klarna, PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, FedEx, Shipbob, Loop Returns, DHL, and others.


Thanks to the team's efforts, Paul Rich successfully expanded into the European market and positioned itself as a leading watch brand. The new website catered to European customers, payment and shipping system integration, and a geolocation feature. The implementation of discount bundles, a loyalty program, and various plugins, helped to increase customer retention and satisfaction. The website's speed optimization, enhanced code, and improved product structure reduced product loading times and enhanced the user experience.

The project was a success, thanks to the team's expertise, dedication, and innovative solutions. The website's new design, features, and functionality helped to position Paul Rich as a leading watch brand in the European market. The team's constant monitoring and updates ensured a seamless user experience, enabling the company to achieve its business objectives.


Key features of the Paul-Rich online shop that have helped to deliver the expected business results include:

  • Dedicated system for customising bundles 
  • IP geo-location
  • Code enhancement 
  • Installation on ShopifyPlus
  • Connection of logistics applications
  • Implementation of loyalty programme 
  • Delivery time prediction 
  • Speed optimisation
  • UI/UX improvements

Used technologies

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